Why We Need to Go Out More

If you have noticed trends on social media as well as with people in their 20s, you will find that they seem to glorify isolating themselves in their own homes. Be it spending their days or nights during weekdays and weekends shut in using their laptops and streaming shows or playing online games etc. All of this sounds fine in principle, but when you actually do it, you begin to notice how it affects our body and mood. We experience lethargy and feel drained; some of us get headaches and our mood just stays sour.

This is the effect of excessive consumption of technology. I am not denouncing it either, in fact it is really important to spend time by ourselves, but to do it to the point of isolating ourselves is where the problem begins. Everything feels more superficial this way, especially our relationships. This is when you make the executive decision to change your lifestyle. A lot of us have become accustomed to it and we know that it is unhealthy, but you have to take the first step.

You can do this by going out more, expand your social circle with other people who are also making it a point to be out more for the sake of having fun. It does not have to be going to the clubs till late hours, rather going for a nice dinner, a movie, driving to the beach etc. it can be anything that you find fun. Take the initiative to hold dinner parties at your own house, cook for yourself and others, take out the party drinks, make your own mixes, whatever it takes for you to spend more time around good people so that you have a whole bunch of memories to look back to once you go past that time.


Post Author: John