Storm Proofing Trees: What You Can Do

Summers bring a lot of activities that we were forced to avoid during winters. This includes swimming, going hiking, having lots of chilled drinks, having outdoor parties and barbecues and wearing dresses and clothes that allow better movement. So summer brings in a lot of fun but at the same time, summer also mean monsoons. So, summer storms that usually include thunder and lightning storms are also part of the package. It is important to stay indoors and protected during these situations. This also includes protecting your trees and storm proofing them.

You can storm proof your trees on your own to a certain extent but at some point you have to call in the experts. You can find some of the best Sheffield tree surgeons that offer their services in storm proofing trees and if necessary removing them as well. It is recommended to act before the storm season rolls by so that you are prepared beforehand. We have mentioned some of the steps you can take below.

In case you have old trees, the chances of them being damaged are very likely. So, in these cases you can prune damaged and diseased branches in order to avoid them breaking off and damaging property during a storm. Old trees also require more structural support or else they are at risk of tilting or getting their roots weakened. There are support cables designed to keep your tree strongly upheld and fixed in place.

If you have trees that are in very close proximity to your house, it can be dangerous since lightning that strikes trees will ultimately strike the ground as well. This is where you look into a lightning protection system to keep yourself safe in the worst case scenario.

Canopied trees are at risk of bucking during strong winds and need to be thinned out. It is strongly recommended to call in only the best Sheffield tree surgeons to handle this case.


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