Concrete Driveways: What You Need to Know

It is important that you always understand a few basic principles about as many things as possible. This can include cooking, car maintenance, travelling etc. so that you are not completely helpless or entirely reliant on others later on. Similarly, regardless of whether or not you have any association with construction work or landscaping jobs, it is important that you still understand a few basic details about it so that you can avoid ever being scammed or have someone deceive you. If you are looking to getting your driveway built, it is important that you know the basic principles of concrete Perth and the steps that involved in building a concrete driveway.

First of all, with any kind of building or landscaping project, you want to make sure that you have a strong and even foundation so that it can support the rest of the structure properly. Similarly with concrete driveways, the first step involves subgrade preparation. An evenly compacted subgrade should help your concrete last a number of years longer than a concrete driveway without any subgrade preparation.

The biggest problem that comes with concrete Perth is cracking. To tackle and prepare for cracking beforehand, your driveway will need joints. Each joint should be 1/4th of size in relation to the thickness of the concrete and each joint should be separated from the other at a distance of 8’ till 12’ apart.

With driveways, especially when they are made of concrete Perth, you need a proper design for drainage. This can be done in one two ways, you can either have a slightly elevated slope constructed to help the water roll off or you have an actual drain installed towards the lowest point of the concrete driveway so that it can collect and drain the water.


Post Author: John