Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are so many different causes of lower back pain, it is common that this pain is cause by overuse or acute injury such as lifting, bending or twisting the wrong way but the most common reason is the natural aging of the spine and us not taking proper care of sitting posture, at home and especially at work where we have to sit in a single position for longer hours, we can have a look at the detail analysis of lower back pain.

Sprains And Strains:
A sprain is stretching of the ligaments, the tissue which connects the two bones together within the joints. A strain is a stretching or tearing in the muscles or tendons. The sprains and strains cause sharp pain which is relentless.

Over activity or hyper activity is one of the major causes of back pain, over-activity can be a serious issue as it can have lasting or even permanent damage on our backs. The stiffness and pain caused by over-activity generally resolves itself within a few days. Something which is related to this is disc tear, the small gashes can be extremely painful and damaging as well.

Disc Herniation
This is the medical term for slipped disk, when the disc leaves its natural place, disc herniation is may be the result of lifting, bending, twisting or pulling movements.

Disc Degeneration
Disc degeneration is part of the natural aging and causes the spinal discs to shrink.

These are some of the most obvious, common and known reasons of lower back pain, since I was looking for answers online about lower back pain and wanted to do something about it, excellent article by Sandro LaRocca at helped me realize that it is important to first learn more about the things which cause lower back pain.


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